Sunday, November 01, 2020

“I find myself quite average, but I appreciate your words” (For Sara)

There is nothing average about her in the least little bit
Don’t get me wrong average is great, but Sara’s exceptionalism sneaks up on you like a mountain cat that is relentless in its growling intensity
From the moment I viewed her passion for Heavy Metal I knew her fire was buried deep in the darkest depths of Mordor

When she admitted that she was shy telling both of her last names because one of them was unique, my heart started to work overtime to capture all of the daisy petals flying throughout the holy air
We package and process ourselves as pieces and parts when nothing could be further from the truth
Average is as average does and nothing Sara does is commonplace or circumspect

I think what I’m drawn to, along with her insatiable fire, is how outside the pack she is because the pack mentality means nothing when social distancing has become all the rage
While listening to Sara play I find myself transported to another plane where everyone’s vantage point is considered and music and love matter most
I look forward to watching her up on stage sharing her soul because that’s clearly her destiny.

Charles Cicirella

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