Wednesday, September 02, 2015

“Just for points, not for blood.”

Listen to these words.
I mean really listen to them.
Consume them like you’ve not quite consumed anything before.

And when you’re done and your face is wiped and your hands are washed call me and we will compare notes and maybe even take a stroll down memory lane.
And when we’re through and our clothes are comingling on the floor like two ex-fighters passed their prime and passed their bedtimes I will remember you and I will shed tears of happiness and resistance.
And there is nothing like the first time or the second time or the third, fourth and fifth times you flirt with danger and come out the victor or at the very least unspoiled and unapologetic.

Listen to these words.
I mean really take the time to hear them and feel them throughout your entire organism.
Memories cannot sustain you nor will hope ever see you entirely through. Not when an unkindness of ravens is tapping, tapping at your chamber door.

Charles Cicirella

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