Saturday, September 05, 2015

Standup Comedian

Today is not about making you laugh.
Today is not about pissing your pants.
Today is a day for reflection and readjusting our oftentimes perverted outlooks.

I could run through a bunch of killer one liners.
Make you feel like you were back in the Borscht Belt with the Jews and resort hotels.
Sometimes though it’s more important to take a good look at ourselves and not be so keen to go for the cheap applause or settle for the obvious punchline to another joke about your wife’s awful cooking.

Today we stand up and piss down on the standup comedian and all of their smugness and smirking anecdotes.
Today we lighten our loads by excusing nothing, including all of those passive aggressive wisecracks made at our expense over a thousand plus years.
Today we resist the stereotypes and stereotypical bows and arrows reigning down upon us like white ash from the ovens not so carefully hidden in the wide open expanse.

Charles Cicirella

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