Sunday, September 13, 2015


Lit the smokeless bowl and watched the Waning Crescent Moon.
Ate some French toast before that so I am feeling pretty full and stoned.
Watching episode six of 12 Monkeys. A friend recommended the show to me and when I discovered Emily Hampshire was in it I was immediately hooked.

These black moths keep flying around. Now they’re attacking my nose and open mouth. There’s a part of me that is not sure they’re real, but another larger chunk of my brain knows that they do in fact exist.
Keep clapping my hands to try and kill them, but even when it appears I’ve eliminated one another soon appears or is it the same one?
Now I have to pee which is really annoying because only dribs and drabs are coming down the pike. I’m drinking lots of water so not really sure what the problem is.

The bowl didn’t work and I think I’m now just smoking paper.
The moon though was sure pretty to look at and I needed to get back into writing mode.
I’m in a racecar going 200 MPH. The car in front of me explodes into flames and for a split second I no longer exist and even the period at the end of this sentence will not be able to contain my unalleviated energies.

Charles Cicirella

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