Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fifth Poem (Out to Lunch)

Fuck the spin.
Propagandists can bite me.
Joseph Goebbels was a fucking monster and as evil as they come.

If you’re pushing talking points that go against your own North Star than what good are you anyhow and in Goebbels case he was rotten to the very core.
I wonder if we’ll ever see the movie of Jerry Lewis dressed as a clown leading children to the gas chamber.
We could flip a coin to what will surface first this film or Trump’s pee tape and tax returns. I’d guess the latter two because Jerry seems to be holding rather tightly onto that film.

Fuck the racists.
Fuck those dancing around all of these unsavory issues and refusing to admit racism is still all too prevalent in our country of odds and evens.
Trump wasn’t Hitler in another life. He was a cabaret performer who never got their big break and has been holding a grudge ever since.

I believe we’ll outlast all of the reprehensible shit currently going on. Though I am wondering when an executive order will be signed against civil rights for everyone and not only the Syrians.
Seeing how the 911 terrorists came through Canada perhaps we should consider going to war with that country first. I’m thinking they’d be easy pickings and give Pres. shit sandwich the clear victory he so badly needs right about now.
It’s crazy to think the leader of the free world is that kid we all hated when growing up who when things were not going their way would take all of their toys and go home.

Fuck the hypocrisy dripping off his lips like prehistoric blood pouring from the saber-toothed tiger’s volcanic mouth.
I’ve had just about enough of all this saber rattling and cannot wait till a foreign leader hands Trump his ass. In fact it’s already happening as Mexico appears to possess more strength than our very own government as they give him his first reality check.
And let’s not for a second let the Democrats off the hook as Dr. Ben Carson is unanimously approved as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The excuse well it could have been much worse is no longer acceptable as our country burns and no one seems to be all that concerned.

Charles Cicirella

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