Friday, January 06, 2017

Thirteenth Poem (Paid Sponsorship)

Let’s together go the distance and when we’re done pat ourselves on our backs like overly gung ho gameshow contestants.
Let’s not pretend we’re not sometimes petty and vindictive, but let’s also keep in mind the orange evil pig has us beat six ways to Sunday.
I need to take a shower with my clothes on like when we were kids and the fire hydrants in the neighborhood served as more than just target practice for our Norman Rockwell doggies.

I really am not sure how to start this second stanza. I may be suffering from sticker shock after seeing how much it cost to build me in Mexico versus what it costs here in the states.
No wonder even God Almighty is outsourcing. Who could blame him or her for shopping around for a better deal and who feels safe anymore going to department stores?
Civil disobedience is the new orange and we should all be appalled at what transpired on FB. I think it’s far more important to deal with the issue head on instead of debating over if it’s a hate crime or not. It is a crime and hate was definitely involved now let’s deal out some swift and consequential justice for the victim who may never stop being traumatized from this heinous act and betrayal of trust.

Some people will tell you it doesn’t help to be angry and to those people I say bullshit. Hate can be just as effective a disinfectant as love as long as your hand is steady and you are fully conscious of who and why it is you hate someone.
Hugging a hate monger is only going to ruffle more feathers and rarely does it diffuse a situation that has already gone off the rails. I’m not saying hate trumps love because that is never the case and love will always be the strongest engine of them all.
Hate though can set you free and hate can help you finally see the forest through the blood if you’re willing to open up your heart and accept that you are human and that true evil still very much exists in our world and will only be eradicated once we stop with all the religiosity and start actually communicating face to face and not just through a computer screen.

Charles Cicirella

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