Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tenth Poem (Inspiration and Desperation)

I understand after tonight’s rather burdensome bowel movement why Elvis had a television and two telephones in the crapper.
This poem goes out to all those poets who clearly don’t get it. You know who you are or you don’t either way this one’s for you because at some point we either have to stand up for what we believe in or shut the fuck up.
Why go out of your way only to write poems that sound like “poetry” instead of opting to do more than merely scratch the surface or pick at the scab?

Perhaps you don’t have the intellect to step outside of your pseudo-celebrity-bubble and actually extract some self-generated truths that do more than simply talk about the weather and in fact go after the hellhounds and break some bones while they’re at it.
I know you’ll question who am I to even broach these uncomfortable subjects and I’ll answer that by saying I’m nobody and this nobody is sick and tired of your nowhere verse.
There was a fool and he stood on the hill and continually pissed and spit into the wind and as he became more and more soaked in his own urine and saliva he never not once questioned why he continued to do this and therein lies the problem.

We’re given a great gift and quite the self-righteous curse to question everyone and everything around us.
We’ve been handed a tool to sculpt from the marble underbelly of humanity questioning and commenting upon all that has gone wrong and right with our world order.
I say unto you if you’re not willing to push every button than why did you ever answer the calling and accept this pen that is always mightier than the flaccid sword.

Ring a ding ding answer the phone its God calling long distance.
God wants to know when you’re going to pull that stick out of your ass and attack the page like a hungry beast instead of a felon on parole.
Inspiration and desperation keeps pushing us ever onward as we look to the slings and arrows to advance us forward because we have no other choice as a sea of troubles threatens to swallow us whole and to turn our backs would be tantamount to treason.

Charles Cicirella

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