Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dorian Gray (For La Charity)

The writing keeps you young.
The writing breaks you out of this cage.
The writing rewrites the rules.
The writing demonstrates there are no rules.
The writing lulls you out of a false sense of safety.
The writing makes it worthwhile while leaving you spent and on fire.
The writing infuses you with passions long forgotten and desires long buried.
The writing reworks your DNA.
The writing is the tunnel getting you to the other side of midnight.
The writing is what Orson Welles used to get high.
The writing is three square meals a day swallowed whole and shat out like lightning.
The writing will break you down and build you up all at the same time.
The writing is billions and billions of stars awaiting the prick of your pencil tip.
The writing is wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and wishing you the best of luck.
The writing keeps you hungry.
The writing faces storms of human error because humans are prone to make mistakes.
The writing occurs in isolated pockets of unspeakable darkness and miraculous light.
The writing doesn’t remember your first words.
The writing doesn’t forget a face.
The writing is like a jackhammer drilling into your cranial plate.
The writing wears no mask or costume jewelry.
The writing knows right from wrong, but does not prejudge or pre-ejaculate.
The writing keeps you guessing.
The writing keeps you locked down and spinning wildly out there in the cosmos.
The writing doesn’t rely upon comic relief.
The writing tells you what it needs not the other way around.
The writing doesn’t worry about self-control because control is overvalued.
The writing doesn’t scare easily or allow the ghosts in the machine any wiggle room.
The writing made friends with the paint in the tube long before man was even an ape.
The writing doesn’t sweat the small stuff because it knows details are utter bullshit.
The writing will never lose its way if you trust your gut and write through the slaughter.

Charles Cicirella

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