Wednesday, May 04, 2016


She’s a witchdoctor
Heaven sent from the bowels of hell
And I’m questioning everything
Because oftentimes the grip you have
Is not the grip you keep a hold of

And I was swimming in the deep end
Before remembering I don’t know
How to swim and nearly drowned
Before I was saved by a mermaid
Whose tiny breasts kept me afloat

And mediocrity fucked me in the ass
Without my consent or compliance
It just came out of nowhere and I’m
Feeling ashamed and dirty and unsure
How I feel showing my face in public

She’s a spin-doctor
The kind of general practitioner who keeps
You coming back for more as she heals you
With her voodoo and keeps you unhinged
With her untiring unwillingness to please

And I was climbing the highest mountain
Before remembering I was scared of heights
When I looked down everything became blurred
And I felt myself slipping before a raven scooped
Me up in their black wings and flew me away

And mediocrity will never get the best of me
Because my ego comes with its own pump
And when I look inward I’m sure to keep my
Eyes closed because things that go bump in the
Night still scare the crap out of me

She’s a sorcerer, a lion tamer, a Glitter-Witch
Sure to blow your mind with her poisoned apple
Poems and menstrual blood murals and I’m sure to
Return from the silver lined clouds once I figure out
Why I’m questioning myself so insidiously

Charles Cicirella

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