Sunday, May 08, 2016

You'd think by now

You would think by now
I’d be used to people not
Caring for my personality

You would think by now it
Wouldn’t affect me so much
When not included and yet it
Still hurts like the dickens

And I nearly burned the place
To the ground and if I hadn’t
Gone back upstairs everything
Would have gone up in smoke
Including my dog Bogie

You would think by now
I’d stop giving so much of a damn
And would just accept my loner
Status as a badge of honor and
Not as a Scarlet Letter

You’d think by now I would stop asking
For rides and get it through my thick
Skull that it’s their loss not mine those
Who don’t want me around

And I nearly went to hell when
Sacrificing everything for the words
I believed would save me and the
Words can only do so much when your
Grave is covered in dirt and grime

Charles Cicirella

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