Monday, September 10, 2018

Answers Clear, Solutions Cloudy (For Kat)

I love you
Even when you go radio silent, feelings ever present and ready to be cut open like a dead Tauntaun and climbed inside of for warmth and shelter
I’m not jumping the gun, in fact I carry no weapons except for my words and those I keep holstered until either alcohol or hypocrisy rears its demonic head and demands swift action

I need you
Even though we’re thousands of miles apart and I’m quite certain your feelings don’t run as “River Deep-Mountain High” as mine do
Spector was and continues to be a psychopath, but the Wall of Sound he built brick by despised brick is as indelible as the music Mozart or God Almighty created

Not comparing Spector to God and for Mozart that’s a toss-up as “Requiems” demand their pound of flesh and every ghoul sadly will have his or her day in the lopsided sun
Redemption is another hopped up notion like the Summer of Love or Beatlemania, of course don’t forget "The Walrus was Paul" and that rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated
Let’s go south for the winter and try and forget that southern hospitality is actually code for Jim Crow laws and white sheets

I’m going overboard, but I figure if poets and gamblers don’t go for broke then what’s even the point of living on a razor’s edge
Yes, there’s genius in them there hills and if that surprises you then you’ve not been paying attention and should feel shame mixed with guilt and also some relief from your IBS
My inner Snoopy would very much like to have a playdate with your inner Linus when you have the time and are no longer playing catch-up with a heart that’s ready to burst

Charles Cicirella

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