Monday, September 03, 2018

Support (For Kat)

Watching Terms of Endearment
The film never fails to leave me a sobbing wreck
Waiting to breakdown like some people wait for a messiah

Thinking about you
No worries nothing creepy
Even though I have recently been told that some of my writing for women is creepy

I have heard it all before and I still don’t agree with those asinine assessments
I’m far from perfect, but the monster some portray me to be is utter bullshit
Kat, you’ve been my muse for longer than I can remember as I wrestle with my brain matter like Jacob wrestled the angel

I bet you’re as soft as Kris Kristofferson’s beard
Not sure why I wrote that, but it just felt good as I lose myself in mountains of Katie-Boyd-mashed-potatoes
A queen and a maverick died recently, but to be perfectly honest only one of them earned my respect while the other was just one more missed opportunity to do some honest to God good in this fractured world

Terms of Endearment is on pause as Evie speaks to her brother
As I wept Doug the Pug did his best to comfort me and I really did appreciate it because he can be a real stinker
Kat, I need you to know my desire for you is as real as when Steamboat Willie piloted the steamboat down a river of indecision

Charles Cicirella

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