Saturday, September 15, 2018

Switch (For Kat and anyone else who gives a shit)

Want to write a poem that turns you on
A poem that’s unregulated
Doesn’t look both ways when crossing the street
And sets you on fire when saying thank you and you stare blankly into outer space

When did howling become a bad thing?
When did walking into a supermarket nude become taboo?
When did mental illness become the red haired stepchild?
And why can’t we be openly depressed without peoples’ judgement eating away at us like a cancer?

Social anxiety is as real as apple pie and date rape
Not every loner goes into a clock tower and starts picking off people like it’s just another “Manic Monday”
We either begin firing on all cylinders or we die without purpose, behind some non-descript building, alone and desperately afraid
The switch is you, the switch is me and once we accept that, life becomes less of a problem and more of a solution

Charles Cicirella

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