Monday, September 10, 2018

Champion (For Serena Williams and Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.)

You were robbed
And there’s no two ways about it
But you’ll overcome because you’re a champion
And that’s what champions do

Double standards exist like rot to the soul
And without pioneers change is bankrupted
You speak truth to power and make the world a better place
I watch you out there on the court and am in awe of your finesse and savage fierceness

Your daughter is so lucky you’re her mommy because there’s no question you protect her against all intruders and that includes the people who talk smack about you
Boundaries broken, raw emotions on display when comfort zones are forfeited and trophies are melted down
Over the years I’ve witnessed your outrage turn to cool water and it rekindles any humanity left smoldering in my old man bones
Something there is about you sparks lightning revolts of master strokes and enduring loyalty as tears well up in my eyes and I thank Jehovah you were born

Charles Cicirella

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