Monday, September 03, 2018

Turnstile (For Kat)

Was feeling frisky so I bought a cat
Didn’t work out because the cat had better things to do
Think about working in the cubicle next to yours
Would we flirt?
Maybe if I cleaned up my act and stopped bottom feeding
Or maybe just maybe I need to give myself more credit

Everything changed when your awkward grin trespassed
These words break through a white noise traffic jam
They never mock us or make us feel alone
I’ve had my life saved by more than a couple of strangers
Patron saints come in all shapes and sizes especially when you’re at the end of the road and the Korean barbecue is closed

I yearn to hear her Sottish accent like I yearn to be tickled by a gorilla
Something tells me I’d be as happy as a clam and as satisfied as a Cheshire grin
We forget we’re survivors as we continue rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic
My insecurities would like to take your insecurities out on a date and when we’re done painting the town red with our tears and blood I promise no goodnight kiss because you’re in a relationship and I’m just shit out of luck

Charles Cicirella

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