Friday, September 14, 2018

Hammering Out the Details (For Kat)

It’s hot and muggy as fuck
Welcome to Cleveland where rivers go to burn
I need to exit this city before Charlie puts himself out to pasture

Wish to see her tattoo or tattoos if there are more than one
I want to get to know her ink on a first name basis
Then go down on her like she’s never quite been paid attention to before

We stand up pretending we know anything about civil disobedience
When the ugly truth is we all have it too posh to make any true sacrifices
Walden Pond is a long way away and counting ants is no longer that popular of a pastime, if it ever were

All the great thinkers are dead and for Cleveland’s poetry scene, too many rest on their laurels while others hold over your head publishing your chapbook and it all stinks of mediocrity
While I was hammering out the details I became distracted by your Scottish essence and the way you light up the world with your demure skills of polite domination
Imagining holding hands as "Obviously 5 Believers" blasts from your tiny speakers and we whisper silent words into each other’s Jack-o'-lantern circadian rhythms

Charles Cicirella

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