Monday, August 03, 2020

Mediocre Poet

People come after your poetry
The one gift you feel fairly confident about
Buttons pushed because some people are ensconced in a universal mind of depravity and depression

I’m now racking my brain about that time to try and figure out what great secret everyone is keeping from me
Of course there is no secret and to allow addled minds to come after you is something I cannot be party to
I left in December of ’97 and had very little contact with Jim after that and to have this stirred up again all on account of a record skipping is something I’m having a difficult time getting my skullbank around

My friend Linda asked how I continue to find myself in these situations to which I answered when you’re close to the fire it’s next to impossible not to get burned
The beast within called and asked if I wanted to come out and play and I never once considered hanging up because that would have been rude, plus I’ve always been a sucker for mutual assured destruction
Let’s start at the beginning when the pomegranate was swapped with an apple because Snow White wouldn’t have known what to do with all those seeds

I’m now looking for answers where no answers can be found because the truth is the connection between Bravecloud and Redcloud was as ironclad as I’ve always believed it to be
I’ve never been a low hanging fruit, but as targets go I’m easily taken out because I refuse to shield myself from the cutthroats who are trying to take you down a peg or two as you aspire for greatness or at the very least to remove yourself from the gutter
Sound judgement tells me to hunker down and to not raise my head from the hole I’ve currently dug myself into, unless I feel like having my head blown off and my heart picked apart by buzzards and buzzwords alike.

Charles Cicirella

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Kat Celebration

Kat is the wind beneath all of our wings
Kat is the lighthouse guiding us home
Kat is a treasure chest full of booty

I’ve never met a muse with such unlimited reach
She’s a super hero whose super powers know no bounds
The way she inspires from across the pond is a miracle I’ll forever be grateful for

Perpetual motion leaves me exhausted, a perpetual muse recharges my creative juices with the vim and vigor only a Scottish lass can and does provide
I need to make a cup of coffee and take my allergy medicine before the nausea stops me from writing this ode to a nightingale I’ll forever be in debt to
Kat helps me to see light where there was only darkness and leads me out of a cave that was my life and my endless solitude

She breaks ranks with all the other muses by giving an artist all the rope he or she needs with no fear of a hanging in anyone’s future
The first and only time I heard her voice it convinced me that not only are soul mates real, but they give you exactly what you need without any Greek Chorus to make you question all the unmitigated beauty you’ve been blessed with
Kat lassoed my heart and makes me feel safe at a time when Safety Town has been closed because of Covid-19 and the only future we have to look forward to is one of more uncertainty.

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Under the Weather (For America)
Cradle her in my arms
A beautiful woman with the sun in her eyes
Connected to the synergy in everything

I create to breathe and breathe to create
Walking and chewing gum go hand in hand once you let go of the throttle
I’ll never forget when my brother tried teaching me how to ride a dirt bike. I was nowhere near coordinated enough, but it was nice to spend some quality time with him before he stopped speaking to the entire family, going on nearly twenty five years now

Some people break beneath the pressure while others become a diamond, able to cut glass and leap tall buildings in a single bound
Teachers are the real super heroes, not the athletes and celebrities
I want to believe we’re better than all this mishegas, but after four years of dumbass and the constant death knell of the Republicans toward any even remotely charitable act I’m starting to think we’re getting exactly what we deserve

America the vain and superficial, getting cut down in her prime and just like James Dean neither one is leaving a good-looking corpse
It’s perverse what we prioritize in our country as a person’s deplorable acts of selfishness expose all of us to a plague of biblical proportions
The writing has been on the walls for decades as America gets dementia and forgets how to read the signs of her own downfall

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sexually Charged (For Julie)

I shouldn’t be writing this, but here I am writing it all the same
Whenever I’m around her I feel like we’re the only two poets in the room as I imagine taking her in my Olive Oyl arms and reading her some Shakespeare sonnets from my favorite bag of tricks
Her body calls out to me like a mix of Homer and Schultz because I know we’re going on an odyssey together and at times it will be comical and full of pratfalls

Sitting next to Julie at a poetry reading is as good as it gets because she seems open to any and all possibilities as I attempt to figure out her home situation and if I’m really receiving these smoky signals from her
It’s probably all in my imagination and yet from the beginning I felt like she was into me which is quite surprising because she’s completely out of my league
I hate to think this poem will fall flat or even worse make Julie feel uncomfortable, but I felt like I had to finally say something because I’m like a pretzel all twisted up with no yellow mustard to cover up my apparent missteps

At the top of the Empire State Building looking down at all the ants wondering why it’s always been so difficult for me to play the part of a tourist or worse yet the tour guide
Maybe it’s because scenery has never done much for me and when it comes to roadside attractions I’d rather stay in the apartment working on my radio show and writing poetry
Let’s get something straight I’d never want to lose Julie as the close friend she has become and yet still my mind races as I think of us as two birthday suits, blowing out the candles and making a wish.

Charles Cicirella

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jax Air Liner (For Jax)

Sweeps me along like a cosmic broom
I know age isn’t important and yet I still wonder twenties, thirties, forties and of course ageless as her ancient wisdom wraps me in a Moses blanket and secures my final fantasy
I know she has a significant other and still I wonder of her day to day and how she can be so mortal and immortal at the same time

Felt like she was slipping away so I said something and instead of becoming defensive she placed her foot back on the gas to make sure I knew she’s not going anywhere and that this connection means as much to her as it does to me
It’s been decades since I’ve held someone’s hand or took it upon myself to make sure we get across the busy street safe and sound
She’s a mommy and I’m the old man of the mountain with no dependents which isn’t entirely true because I believe everyone relies upon someone and as gladiators go I’ve always been ready and more than willing to go that extra hundred miles or more for anyone who requires aid

I was breaking bad, not with meth just my own silliness that sometimes involves cracking wise and loosening all ties that constrict and bind when I finally came to the hard fought realization that our inner children must be protected at all costs and that includes not going back to school so soon because this virus has other ideas and our children should not be led to slaughter because of politics and people’s reigning ignorance
I hear Mimo, the creative director off camera and I am so delighted by all her happy sounds and yes the words she uses already so powerfully like her mommy, her mother lioness
Jax Air Liner get on board and leave all your troubles behind because it’s time we reinvested in our dreams and stopped pretending because we’re grownups we can no longer have fun and laugh like we used to.

Charles Cicirella