Sunday, January 28, 2018

Blue Flowers

She writes like the wind.
A pirate plundering blue marigolds.
A mission statement turned on its patchwork head.

The generic pills will not be the death of you.
You’ve never allowed anything to slow you down for too long.
A masterful witch who enriches everyone she comes into contact with.

Poem’s coming out crinkled like an angry doily or a balloon animal retaining water.
1776 is America’s official beginning of its nationhood. It’s also the year you stopped making sense and I had to finally buy a gun and face up to the insensible facts.
Paralysis has been kicking my ass since 2002, but it beats being put out to pasture or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I dated an assassin who trained me in the art of excommunication.
Juliet knew how to take a drag on a Camel cigarette like no one I’ve encountered before or since.
Was going stark raving mad until I slowed my roll and realized everything really is better "when it's sittin' on a Ritz."

She writes like a steppe wolf hunting a Caspian seal.
Been on fire since a blue tipped match ignited her passion and blew up her world.
I am a mynah bird mimicking the human voice. My dark-brown plumage keeps me ever mindful that I can always take flight.

Charles Cicirella

Friday, January 26, 2018

Desert or Dessert (For Julie)

Syrian ruins
Heart fragments

I desire to drive with you through the antique robotic deserts
Lose ourselves in the splintered mirrors of disenchanted time and expanding space

We choose to either be a hero or a villain before we’re even born
We make allowances for our weaknesses while ramping up our strengths with interfaith

I wanted love, you wanted dessert
I was out of my depth, you were only concerned with the calories

Fairytales do come true
If you’re willing to suspend disbelief and focus on self preservation

Captive audience
The laugh track in your heart keeps you free from lonesome fear and disarming truth

Charles Cicirella



Stoned in waves
Elvis corrupts me
Marchand microfiche

Charles Cicirella

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Snap My Head Back (For Juliet)

Trying to get my thoughts straight
Everything coming out hurried
Panic seizes me around the throat

You’ve always been the perfect tonic
A femme fatale who doesn’t know her own strength
Your allure bombards me like melting confetti

Wish to hang out with you in a bathroom stall
Or an unused confessional in a gothic church
Watch you sleep like the Glitter-Witch you are

Trying to get my head on straight
Anxiety sits atop my chest like an M-4 Sherman Tank
I’m astounded by your grace and machine gun parlance

Keeps me coming back for more
A psychedelic soda shop zeroing in on only good trips
I will try to not wake up screaming

Charles Cicirella

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Clam Shack

Watching Wonder Wheel and eating clams.
I believe it’s how Woody would have wanted it.
If I’m wrong there’s nothing that can be done about it now.

Watching Wonder Wheel and enjoying all the bright colors.
I won’t say Woody hit it out of the park, but the film works and that’s more than I can say about many of his later films.
The songs he has chosen and their placement is also expertly executed and makes me smile and tap my toes.

Kate Winslet is an anguished joy to watch and Jim Belushi channels a lesser Brando which is no small feat because Jim Belushi more often than not does nothing for me.
I won’t tell you I’m enjoying Justin Timberlake’s performance, but he is given the uncomfortable task of playing Woody’s character and no one but Woody can ever truly pull that off.
Juno Temple honestly made no impression on me. I’ve changed my mind. Juno Temple is a rising starlet!

Watching Wonder Wheel as Coney Island rears its ranshackled head and reminds me of another time when beauty was in the eye of the beholder and the beholder was beautiful.
The allegations against Woody can go jump in the lake. I’m not defending him. I’m just not ready to get out my pitchfork and run him out of Tinseltown.
Wonder Wheel feels inspired more than stilted like many of his later films and I pray he continues to find inspiration and that when he finds himself going through the motions that he stops and takes a deep breath.

Charles Cicirella