Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Underbelly (For Marc)


Forked tongue
Lights out
Opaque civilization

Shoot the messenger
Don’t shoot the messenger
The truth will always find a way to rise to the top

No one appreciates the written word
Even God Almighty found the Bible to be lacking something
Trust yourself even and especially when it feels like you don’t have a friend in this world

Porous mind
Check into the unconscious hotel
Room service will blow your mind into mirrors of elasticity

I’ve never wanted to be a soldier
I’ve only ever wanted to be a writer
Now I’m both as urban camouflage wreaks havoc on my superego

Marc this poem is for you
I haven’t a clue why
Perhaps you can explain it to me over lunch, dinner or a walk in the park

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tracers (For Violet)

No ulterior motives, hidden agendas or swamp coolers dangled over our heads
She’s as real as they come like black licorice or an antecedent disqualified, but not yet disproven
We will go into the desert wearing nothing, but our Charlie Don't Surf tee-shirts

Got hooked on heroin because that’s what chicks like her do when they grow bored and worn down by life’s ironies and unmapped mysteries
Einstein’s a genius as was Tesla and Churchill if you focus on their deeds and not their follies
Unlocking Violet’s vault out of the question until you sacrifice everything including your secretive persona

Time to lean against the wall and pee
This sciatica will be the death of me
Once we’re in close proximity I promise to pick up all of my pieces and do my best to put myself back together again like Charles Bronson did years after he had a Death Wish and went the way of a cancerous tumor with a dollop of Alzheimer's on top for good measure

Charles Cicirella