Sunday, March 29, 2020

Glad Wrap

I desire to bite hard on your nipples while reading you passages from the Bible you did not know existed.
It will be like the first time my mom took me to Safety Town and I wouldn’t let go of her hand because I knew there was a good chance she wouldn’t come back to get me.
Don’t buy their BS that to get along you mustn’t ever speak your mind.

I’m no one’s therapist, savior or stop gap measure so how is it I could have manipulated you into doing anything against your will when I was as see-through as a Koi pond at twilight.
Let’s stop cutting the crusts off our gluten free bread and remember how good you felt when you finally stood up to Marilyn or told Janice you needed to take some time for yourself.
You hold the levers to your own victory or defeat depending on how much pressure you apply, when the blinders you’ve been wearing for far too long finally give up their ghost and you’re left with a social life of skeletal remains and requiems of snore and burp.

How will you ever fully blossom if you keep cowering to your father and how was I a bad influence when all the decisions you made were your own?
Will you ever accept responsibility for the strong, beautiful human you are or will you continue to take the easy way out, allowing everyone around you to do your heavy lifting while you stand back and pretend you’re a victim.

Charles Cicirella

Saturday, March 28, 2020

“ferry across the Mersey and go for the throat”

Accept no guilty verdicts.
Learn to do hard time by squinting your eyes when you undoubtedly flinch.
It’s all so perverse and light on its feet.

Job’s on full display as we do our best to shelter-in-place.
Sisyphus had nothing on us, because at least he could touch his face as he perpetually rolled his bladder back up a steep incline.
I’ve been on your wavelength since mankind touched the moon and even before that I knew it was up to me.

It’s time to either put our cards on the table or admit we’re bluffing.
Let’s leave the casino before the dust and melancholia settles in for good.
I’ll always regret chastising the host or hostess at that Perkin’s after seeing Bob. Sometimes I can be such an asshole.

For some people letting bygones be bygones is the only way they know how to save face.
If you don’t feel comfortable being forthcoming with me what’s the point of even being friends?
I believed we had each other’s backs and that we were always real with each other. Now I don’t know what to believe and if you can even be trusted, as you blame a pandemic for how you’re acting and accept no responsibility whatsoever.

Charles Cicirella

Monday, March 23, 2020

Choosing between the lesser of two evils is such bollocks.

Will poetry save us from ourselves?
No, it won’t, but the passion behind it just might.
It’s never about how deep your belief is because belief like beauty can too often be only skin deep.

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” Lennon was right on target when he wrote and sang that.
Of course the sadistic bloke was wrong about so many other things, but we must forgive him because twisting and shouting is great exercise when the seconds become all too tedious and the gravity of the situation falls on deaf ears.
Let’s safely stand together six, eight or even ten feet apart and remember the good times as hellfire knocks upon our doors like a murder of crows or Trump himself sitting on our collective faces.

The world is sheltering in place or at least the world should be sheltering in place, but so many people are too stupid to accept the warring signs as our new reality (for now) because alt facts have replaced people’s daily fiber as their ignorance rains down like golden droplets of piss infecting us with the coronavirus or worse.
My facts are just as made up as Trumps of course the difference is my moral compass wasn’t coopted by a daddy who didn’t care if money could buy happiness as long as he could keep making money.
Roy Cohn is liddle Donnie’s spirit animal and that’s as close as he gets to spiritualism because anything that doesn’t focus on him is just a waste of time.

Will science save us?
Yes, it probably will though I wonder if we’ll learn our lesson this time around and see just how close we were to going over the edge.
Let’s get something straight “we’re only as only as safe as the least insured person” and because Bernie Sanders said that maybe you’ll find something in that statement to take issue with or maybe you’ll allow some hard knocks to sink into your thick skull and accept that some truths aren’t just self-evident they are self-proclaimed once you pull your head out of your ass and fart.

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, March 22, 2020


I put on a flannel to take off the chill.
I don’t believe I have the coronavirus.
Of course who knows when no one can get tested without a doctor’s note and getting one of those is like finding a golden ticket.

Our country doesn’t know how to follow orders and because of that who knows how long this will play out and how many bodies will be piled up in the streets when the fat lady finally sings again without a dry cough.
Went out yesterday to help a friend get some food because delivery is like playing Russian roulette.
We stopped at the post office and saw two idiots who were wearing masks and gloves and the one idiot told me that’s how you prevent it. Why aren’t people listening because it feels like a doctor said take two stupid pills and don’t call me in the morning?

It’s time to panic and it’s time for Chicken Little to get his due as we all shelter-in-place and wait for our orange Pres. to finally catch up and do one thing right.
Who knows how many cans of food will suffice and if you have enough disinfectant. Of course those who are hoarding should meet a fate worse than death and the coronavirus seems like it could very well be the bad karma that will get us all in the end,
Sick, diseased chickens finally coming home to roost as we stand together or standalone keeping in mind that social distancing might just be what saves us as a new morning comes and kisses us smack dab on our virus free lips.

Charles Cicirella

Thursday, March 19, 2020


I’m in self-quarantine more often than not      
In these strange days I’ve found it best to stay away from people
I’m also trying to stop sucking on the corporate media’s teat

Black gold lulls one into a false sense of security
The Beverly Hillbillies another disinformation campaign devised by the gray-1% to keep the 99% dispossessed, dispassionate and disenfranchised
There are those who still refuse to vaccinate their children and they won’t survive and it has nothing to do with big government and everything to do with The Lion King

I’m listening to Muddy Waters and daydreaming about Kat in an information-rich pink beam of light
I’m irascible and I know that’s what you’ve always dug about me
Van’s “Take Me Back” is howling and I wish we could be in the same room, ten feet apart because Godliness is still next to cleanliness, even and especially when the inmates are running the asylum

Truth be told I never am not, not thinking about you
I think you’ll catch my drift. This is where I pause, lift my fingers from the keys, tilt my head back and wink at the non-existent camera
I’m doing everything I possibly can to tell myself the truth or what I believe to be the truth as I await a revelation or a quiet epiphany from across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Charles Cicirella