Friday, October 28, 2016

4:11 AM

Time for a waffle with peanut butter and strawberry preserves.
I cannot worry why she hasn’t responded. As long as she hasn’t unfriended me I guess we’re good.
Social networking will be the death of us you just watch your small screens as our civilization continues to unravel.
Another episode of Westworld and then it’s time for bed or maybe I’ll delve into Mascots. Christopher Guest is always good for a laugh.

I’d already seen the Columbo and Kojak also turned out to be a repeat so I settled for porn which hardly did a thing but make me more hungry and lackadaisical.
I keep my cards close to my caved in chest because I’ve never been much for games and when I go fish I plan to catch a great white shark.
There I go again spilling my secrets to anyone who will sit for a spell and not talk down to me like there’s no sense in my head.
You told me what time it was and I thought after that we might fall in love or at the very least have a roll in the whimsical hay.

It’s time our country either shit or got off the pot because all this pussy footing around ain’t doing anyone a lick of good and America was already great long before that orange sociopath got into the game of political dumbing down.
The low information voter has no surprises in store if you just pay attention to their high blood pressure and how they’re always dead set on settling a score.
Study Deliverance because that’s where our country is headed if that squealing pig somehow wins.
I’ve never been a fan of the lesser evil, but I’m also smart enough to know which battles are worth fighting and which battles have already been lost or won.

Time to drain the snake and make up for lost time by closing my eyes and pretending to be dead.
I cannot worry over every detail insignificant or otherwise if I ever plan to enter the looking glass.
Alice stopped by a little while ago. She was all caught up in her own drama which makes sense when feeding your head can get you five to ten.
Brown Shirts wear business suits these days and have traded in their Volkswagen or Mercedes for something more stealth like a skateboard or subway pass.
I’ll continue to be an eternal optimist as I concentrate on not losing my concentration and carry on doing the work because that’s all that has ever made any sense to me.

Charles Cicirella

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Want to see her tummy.                
Today not tomorrow.           
Her smiles set me on fire.

Writing this poem on my phone.         
Telling it like it is.    
I have no other choice.

Let's go the distance.               
Get lost in each other's warmth and funny anecdotes.                
You have me over a barrel with your disarming charms.

I want to see her tummy.                 
It's time we went to the next level.             
We mustn't be afraid of anything including ourselves.

Charlie Cicirella

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lowlands (For Katie Boyd)

Thinking about her
How she lets me get away with murder
Because she knows I am harmless
And that all I really want like anyone of us
Is to be loved

Scotland’s not that far away
At least not in my mind
Not so far away when I close my eyes
And it’s all in the game when the record
Begins to skip and her eyes pierce my Teflon

We break apart like porcelain dolls
It was never our intention to last forever
And immortality is only of interest to those
Who cannot deal successfully with the day to day
Everything is a grind when you’re soulless

Part human, part stuffed animal
I imagine her to be as warm as a jolt of whiskey
On the coolest of new mornings or lost weekends
TCM our aphrodisiac as we wait for the takeout
To be delivered and the trash to be hidden from view

Dreaming about her
How she doesn’t know what to say when I make some
Overtly physical comment, but nothing too heavy
Because I want intimacy and nothing more and she
Understands this like she understands we’re just
Two strangers passing through inclement weather

Charles Cicirella