Sunday, March 20, 2022

Meditation (For a Rhinestone Cowboy)

For years I’ve heard “Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)” was about God, but not until hearing Rob McNurlin sing it did I understand.
It’s a meditation on death and all that comes before and after this Spaghetti Western we call life.
Survival of the fittest is not always in the cards because oftentimes the quickest draw only gets you drawn and quartered.

A prayer of redemption and a lamentation to a God who doesn’t always have his or her ducks in a row.
That’s the beauty of The Mystery because Christ is in the details and once the architecture speaks to you the sky is just the beginning.
He saddled up his horse and rode through the ruins toward the town of his birth.

Rob towers over me like a giant and I’d have it no other way because he makes me feel safe and protected from an onslaught of sin.
We dropped everything to hear him sing in a small church in Kentucky and it’s one of the few times I laid my burden down and lowered my guard completely.
The hymns he sings are about the blood spilled as demons are vanquished in the name of Jehovah.

Let’s get one thing straight we’re all crooked to a degree and doing our best to straighten out and free ourselves from our chains.
Street Legal is my favorite Bob Dylan record because I find it to be his most human as he wrestles the shadows for the light of foresight.
I was waiting for a friend, so I pulled over to the side of the road as Rob ambled up and tipped his cowboy hat my way.

Charles Cicirella

Friday, March 11, 2022

Swimming with Sharks

Arguing with guppies.
That’s my lot in life.
I believe I’m God and still I play second fiddle to demons.

It’s both a blessing and a curse.
Nailing myself to a cross and then bitching because I’ve been crucified in a bad neighborhood.
I blow my trumpet so much I feel like Miles before the whores and blue moods turned him into molten lava.

Most of us are chum even if we refuse to admit it. The rest of us are DOA even before our Fairy Godmother punches out our lights.
Don’t believe you can trust angels because even they have an ulterior motive.
Brando’s Godfather had it going on as his lines were fed to him and he tore us to shreds with an open heart.

Charles Cicirella

Thursday, March 10, 2022


This inferno will not abate
Your hands around my neck unnecessary
This brute force will not go unnoticed

Labors of love covered in skin and blood
A country invaded by Russian thugs
Sunflower seeds rubbed into their lying eyes

Everyone hands off as cowardice reigns supreme
An embattled President stands tall and stays put
The resilience of the Ukrainian people puts us all to shame

War crimes committed never you mind
Sanctions a drop in the bucket as the blood on our hands places us on the wrong side of history
Politicians shouldn’t be in charge of our consciences

It’s cold blooded murder reigning down from the skies
As we continue to sit on the sidelines biding our precious time
Watchdogs can go to hell when they only pay attention when their bottom line is threatened

Razor sharp implements stuck into the invaders like lipstick on a pig
We talk a good game only when the game is rigged in our favor
Flowers tossed onto the graves of children blown up by our unwillingness to do the right thing.

Charles Cicirella