Monday, November 29, 2021


I part the smoke with my hand because I’m stoned Moses and like Shaft I’ve come back for reparations.
Nothing wrong with speaking your mind as long as it’s your mind you’re speaking and not someone else’s you’ve rented like a backhoe or escort.
Something’s wrong with this picture and has been wrong since before Texas tried to secede from the union or a woman’s right to choose became everyone’s business.

There needs to be boundaries and those boundaries must be protected and I don’t mean by some seventeen year old vigilante who thinks making an ass of himself somehow makes him everyone’s best friend.
With allies like that I’d rather take my chances with my enemies because at least I know when they fire they won’t later plead self-defense or pretend that their crying isn’t anything more than salt rubbed in the wounds of an America constantly being triggered.

I part the smoke with my hand because I don’t need an AR-15 to show that I mean business when I come to your town like rolling thunder.
I’m stoned Moses and like stoned Moses I’ve been wrestling with a persecution complex from the very first time my baby formula arrived cold and no one in the kitchen would pay me any mind, I felt like Paula Dean after the verdict had been read.
Something’s wrong with this picture and futzing with the vertical or horizontal dials ain’t gonna do a damn bit of good. We will never have a real conversation in this country about race until we ask ourselves the tough questions that no one is willing to ask.

Charles Cicirella

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuchus (I Love You) 

Totems strewn everywhere
They proclaim to be the best poet, but their work doesn’t breathe, scream or cum
Bukowski would cum all over you and not even apologize as he crawled across cut glass to get away from his oppressed audience

A nun once told me you don’t have to swear to be clever and she was right, but I still swear because words are words and fuck and shit sometimes fit the bill
JesusfuckingChrist is my favorite curse word, all run together because who has the time for pauses when everything is burning to the fucking ground
I think of Kat naked probably too often, but what would be the point of pleading the fifth after all these self-incriminating years

She stands there alert and inquisitive like a meerkat on guard and ready to do what’s necessary to survive
Sometimes I wish I was Joan Jett, but I know that wouldn’t be practical at least not an older Joan Jett who has already had all her stuffing knocked out of her by a detached crowd of sheep fuckers
This is where we end, standing against the wall, preparing for our execution by requesting a blindfold and a cigarette.

Charles Cicirella

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Wolfman, Oh Wolfman

Bandages removed and what’s revealed is pre-pandemic bliss.
Johnny Carson reappears with a dollop of Price and a whole lot of Bela Lugosi.
Lucy ain’t got nothing on Bob as he stands more than the test of time and reveals what exists beneath the Bodhi Tree.

Never forget the Akron Rubberbowl in 1986. The True Confessions Tour and absolution was his.
He keeps on moving as he does the work he was always destined to do while too many sit on their hands waiting for a bomb to explode.
Haven’t heard him this dialed in since the fall of the Roman Empire when a godfather was still calling the shots and The Sopranos had yet to rear their greasy heads.

Wolfman, Oh Wolfman cradle me in your dulcet tones as night tears into my skull like a John Jacob Niles lullaby.
Resisting change is futile as the sheep slaughter themselves, taking endless pride in their ignorant pleas for sovereignty.
The slow train is still coming up around the bend and if we’re not careful we’ll miss our call to get onboard.

Best to hunker down as the light flickers and silver linings bleed real blood.
I’ve always been a realist and as I listen to Bob laying down his truth I’m reminded just how much he means to me.
Always fighting on the front lines, avoiding the trenches and holding his head up high as he travels from town to town.

Charles Cicirella