Monday, April 25, 2022

Smart Phone Poet

Pick up the phone, God is calling.
She’s pissed off at your displays of empty bravado leaving you looking like a pathetic ghost or worse yet an American corpse.
This train wreck we call capitalism has just about run its course as white privilege and white noise cancel each other out.

Answer your smart phone with the big screen and multiple cameras.
Answer your smart phone before it figures out how to cancel you.
Answer the questions the Grand Inquisitor implodes upon you like reality checks to a failing conscience.

Do you recall when you starred in your very own Spaghetti Western and the good, the bad and the ugly were not even a footnote?
Your CliffsNotes are soaked in the blood of a student body that never studied quite hard enough to evade their own busted and broken lives.
I turned my back on the status quo a long time ago because I already knew keeping up with the Joneses was tantamount to your head being discovered in a freezer in Wisconsin.

Pick up the phone, Batman is calling.
He needs your help to rid Gotham of the crime wave spreading like another unchecked STD.
He figures you being a poet might make you impervious to all the jackals tearing out peoples’ throats as easily as opening a letter.

Answer this question why do we continue to turn our backs on all the disuse and discredit plaguing us?
Why are we so ready and willing to protect the criminals while allowing the victims to constantly suffer?
This train wreck we call life and life only is just another failed excuse to a marriage of convenience and a divorce from the truth.

Charles Cicirella

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Head Space

We look at the sun and are afraid to burn.
We look at our faces in the mirror and are already scorched.
There’s a lesson distilled in all of us, if we’d only learn to turn the page and walk away from everything and everyone that is doing us harm.

The boxes we bury ourselves in day in and day out would be far less constricting if we only put down the pipe and learned how to forgive ourselves.
We’ll never speak the language of the stars if we continue to lie in the gutter like some guttersnipe or little rascal.
I desired to pet your kitty until realizing your kitty was just as poisoned as our junk food ideals and celebrity recipes for martyrdom.

The Gambler was right “You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em Know when to walk away And know when to run.”
My friend was recently detoxed and it saved his life, but please understand everyone struggles with their own addictions and the rabbit hole is just one step away.
Snapchat and Instagram recently did my head in with all the paid escorts who are one more false fa├žade in a sea of greed and treachery.

Babu, I give you money.
Babu is the only one getting paid as the rest of us hunger for a human touch or lash of a compensatory whip.
I’ve been down this road before as the sun licks its lips and whispers sweet nothings into my tumor ears.

Call me Icarus or “Call Me Ishmael” either way I’m ready to head back to dry land because all this water has got me sea sick or worse yet sea dead.
I remember the first time we fucked without our masks and how freeing it was until you took out your eyes and I realized we’re all just black holes doing our very best to avoid the potholes and orange barrels along Cedar Road.
Jim found his escape hatch because he was sick and tired of wrestling with choices that he had already decided were no big deal. One more whiskey priest dead and gone, one more whiskey priest cash poor and cashed out.

Charles Cicirella

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

A Birthday Poem for You

brittle broken bones                                covered in skin                                                sex on video a bridge too far               Katherine lightning in a bottle        Katherine the surprise at the bottom of a Cracker Jack's box                            Katherine always wants to be the banker when she plays Monopoly                         let's stand beneath the sun and pray for rain                                                                 let's strip off our skivvies and run through the sprinkler at top speed                         let's show Santa our nakedness and ride his white beard like a haystack

Charles Cicirella