Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cream of Wheat


Thinking about you
How we never fucked
Because for you it was all a ruse

Truly reprehensible how some people will take others for a ride and all because
they’re bored or frustrated or maybe they’re just hateful human beings who like to make others as miserable as they are
She stood in the center of town proclaiming she was not a witch when nothing could have been further from the elongated and tenuous truth and when push finally came to shove and she was burned she lit up like a roman candle until there was nothing left
Stop ignoring me because it won’t do any good. Actions must have consequences and in your case thinking you can just throw me under the bus and walk away with your ex boyfriend’s dick back in your mouth is both disgusting and truly sad on your part

She admitted he broke her and she admitted it would be the biggest mistake to get back with him and then that’s exactly what she did because failure and demolition is all she has ever known and even puppies sometimes have an awful time learning new tricks
I was in Chicago when it all began to unravel of course it had been unravelling right from the start and I knew it, but refused to face the truth because I enjoyed the distraction and liked when she would get naked and pleasure herself on camera for me
My life is a peepshow without any quarters to have and to hold. I was in San Francisco trying to get my bearings when I disappeared into the shadows and finally learned how the other half doesn’t live so easily

Thinking about you
Even though you’re now ignoring me because I guess that’s easier than facing the fact that maybe you finally found someone who really does love you and isn’t looking to break or rake you over the red hot coals
Coming up out of yourself isn’t a bad thing and I hope someday you’ll realize that being challenged or having your buttons pushed can be a wonderful experience if you’re only willing to break free from the same old same old and are ready to accept change and nuance into your Cream of Wheat outlook

Charles Cicirella

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