Friday, September 08, 2017

The Theft of Identity #3

Nearly had a heart attack today
It was real, not imagined
Scared the hell out of me like real demons have a tendency doing

If one more “medical professional” tells me my mother is high functioning, I may just lose it or commit murder, suicide, or commit my mother or myself to some shiny facility on the hill
We cannot take ourselves for granted no matter how deep the shit gets we’re wading through
She came through like gangbusters then she just stopped cumming and it nearly broke my heart

The poetry pours out of me like I’m Winnie the Pooh hopped up on bennies and Tigger
If you don’t find some way to make friends with yourself you’re gonna be mighty lonesome when the drought comes and all your Facebook friends make other plans
Poets here in Cleveland pay me no mind and that’s just fine because I’ve never been much for scenes or the politics of redundancy

Today I enraged my mother because I just couldn’t take being whipped anymore
Like a slave in orbit, I was beaten ‘til I was tamed and the Planet Waves started to make discernible sense to me
I’m always feeling like my feelings don’t matter to others and I’m probably correct because when it comes to feelings most people would rather overdose than face the facts and do some actual heavy lifting
Put a fork in your eye and tell me how much it hurts and then bend over and allow yourself to be sodomized just for the appearance of normalcy and the aggregation of supply and demand

Charles Cicirella

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