Saturday, September 09, 2017

Guilt (For Soule)

It's in our DNA
Gentiles don’t understand
They repress everything

Guilt’s our flagship
Gets us from point a to point b
Keeps kicking us in the teeth

The Rabbi won’t help
He deals in guilt like an arms dealer deals in heavy weaponry
I blew my mind attempting to use religion as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding

Making mashed potatoes for my mom and listening to “Pain In My Heart” sung by Helene Smith
It touches parts of my soul reserved for restoration and retaliation
Just made a cup of instant coffee as my morning constitutional calls out to me like a constipated rooster

Joni I have loved you since we met at that Greyhound station in Indianapolis, Indiana
We’re waifs fighting against the strains of this miserable world because we’re fully aware taking one’s life is not an option when we’re guardians of light and positive synergy
Been feeling half dead for weeks and I know you understand what I’m moving through. I also know sometimes you consider drinking the turpentine instead of mixing it with your oil paints. Guilt checks us at the door and sends us out into the world oftentimes wearing the wrong overcoat. Time to take a shit and unload some of these bad feelings.

Charles Cicirella

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