Monday, September 04, 2017

“..Just like a whiskey priest with a master plan…” (For Mike Rep)

It’s not pretty
This life
This death

It’s all circumstantial
The evidence
The witnesses’ statements

Talked about Tim Hardin
The Lizard King
Jim was always on our Picking through The Wreckage With A Stick Skull Banks

It was Mike who got the ball rolling
Who lovingly fucked with my future because he knew all roads led to Drapez
The question shouldn’t be whose chosen, but instead who is willing to disrupt their moral judgment when all bets are off and the rules only annihilate you

He’s the first shaman I’ve ever met
Sure he’s full of guff, but he’s also chocked full of sacred medicine
His midnight drive will beat your daily commute every day of the week and thrice on federal holidays

It’s not over
Not by a long shot
Not by any stretch of our belabored and rancid imaginations

Charles Cicirella

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