Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Life isn't measured by clocks."


My heart’s beating like a grandfather clock missing its grandmother clock
Time sits on my face like a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw in Europe during World War II
Nothing going right as our possessions are stripped from us as storefront windows are smashed in and if we’re blessed attics become our only safe refuge

Caste systems are fucking bullshit as is anyone acting superior because of their supposedly pure blood
Go ahead and burn a cross on my front lawn because I can no longer be associated with white people and all of the wrong that they perpetuate in the name of God
We ran the Native Americans off their land because we wanted it for ourselves and wiped out the buffalo for sport and none of it even today makes a lick of sense as we celebrate a rainbow coalition and go on and on about what we’re thankful for

Trading punches with the champ or trading punches with another loser that pretends they’re undefeated when actually the fights they’re fighting are like taking candy from a big, disgruntled baby
Learning more and more that giving up control is the only way out of this place as abandonment issues rear their ugly head and disassociation zaps you like a bolt
I wanted to love you or at the very least like you for who you are until realizing you’re not even close to what you seemed as a Biblical flood wreaks havoc on our tick-tock lives

My heart’s beating like a hammer right out of my Playboy centerfold chest as I attempt to dial back my rage and stop dressing you down for your unwillingness to change
Time repeatedly sticks its fingers up my ass like a proctologist with ADHD and I’m none the wiser because I’m always up for a challenge especially when it comes from the backend
Nothing going right as I listen to the Geppetto wind and wish I was more than just a wooden puppet who wishes he were a real boy

Charles Cicirella

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