Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Karmic Payback (For Magda Davitt)

I hope these words reach you
Whatever state you find yourself in
It’s important to do the work and not give so much of a shit

I was the guy who handed you a poetry CD and a vinyl transfer of Dylan’s Street Legal after a show in Chicago
I thought it was important to have some good tunes to listen to while on the road and I believe my poetry will reach into places not visited since Ireland
Karmic payback is such a bitch especially when your mother was your tormentor and even after forgiving her she still haunts you like a broken and displaced saint

Let’s unfold the map of our psyches before we get into our favorite mode of transport and head toward the desert or seashore
Let’s resist brandishing a large stick and learn instead to stop internalizing our fear
Broken bones come and go, but you must find a way to allow your heart to heal before important parts are lost and your soul revisits anymore changing partners

I was the guy sitting up front listening with my eyes closed as you also shut your eyes and transmigrated through the buzzing crowd like a Philip K. Dick crop duster
Our wings are sometimes attached with only spit and prayer, but that doesn’t mean we cannot get healed
Made my mom a cup of coffee and now I’m going to watch the evening news. You’re never alone Magda no matter how dark the night may get, the day will find you and shelter you in place

Charles Cicirella

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