Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pick Your Poison (For Mark Gunderson)

Cat Stevens running through my head
Music made before he was an extremist
Or maybe he was always an extremist
I don’t fucking know

Going to eat some banana pudding
Cannot stomach chocolate pudding
Ever since it was brought to my attention that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist
I say is because sexual predators never change their roofie spots

I’ve known Mark for so long it’s like he’s always been there and maybe he was
Never forget the Comfest when I started to scream “White Jeep” and Lyceum 23 came running into the tent like an exorcism was taking hold and maybe it was
I believe that was my last stab at fame because not long after I settled for infamy because the press junkets were more fun and groupies don’t expect as much from you
Kimmie told me “White Jeep” was played on a radio station in Czechoslovakia and that made me feel good for about eight or nine minutes

Pick your poison go ahead I’ll wait
My latest poison was a young woman who it turned out really couldn’t stand me even though she did a very good job playing pretend and making me feel almost human again
Turned out to be just another graphic novel I never should have checked out
Never forget when we sat in the kiddy section of that library in Middleburg Heights and you had me questioning my very existence as you sat there stone face like an Easter Island statue and I begged you to reconsider

“The First Cut Is The Deepest” is the Cat song playing in an endless loop in my head
I wonder if he still does that one with his freak fag flying in the wind and his beard not slowing him down in the least little bit
It’s probably unfair to call him an extremist and I’m not sure if zealot is any closer to the Buried Child truth
When I looked down and saw it was Mark Gunderson calling I felt like it was the Pope on the line and if I didn’t answer quickly absolution would forever be out of reach

Charles Cicirella

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Desert Island said...

Where can I find a recording of "White Jeep"? Is it online anywhere? Legendary recording.