Monday, December 25, 2006

Mystery Child

We drive through the coal mines of darkness – night a refuge – someone else’s dirty secret – she was wearing my heart on her sleeve it embarrassed me so I looked away – I looked toward the snow covered mountains – the desert sands – made friends with a junkyard dog – someone who did not judge me too harshly – how was I to know bad dreams can or can not come true depending on your prayers the night before – isolation scared the living hell out of me when I was a mystery child now it’s a refuge – he played the guitar like Christ being crucified – blood medicine – soul journey – border crossing – we drive – gamble – cry – make love in dark caves – darkness abates when we open our hearts – to what? to who? I met my faith head on in Death Valley it was dressed as a park ranger told me all about ravens and heroin addicts who write the freshest prose – blood sausage – blood oranges – bloodshot and wishing this hangover were not so honest – I do not drink don’t even do drugs anymore even denial has been hung up for another set of clothes – we owe ourselves love – we owe ourselves happiness – we drive through the sun at the speed of light praying we don’t get burned... Charlie 12/25/06

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