Saturday, June 09, 2007

BIRTH (Part One)

There is a poem fighting to get out
I feel it moving around
When it starts to scream and kick
I will attempt extracting it

I am not your father
I am no one’s father
What I write is often not
What I am feeling and still
I attempt wrestling
Supposed genius
From this starved,
Unyielding intellect

One word leads to the next
Haven’t I seen you here before
One line begets another
Didn’t we once attempt
To love each another

There is a person fighting to go in
I can feel him beneath the surface
It makes no difference how much you resist
He’ll scratch out your eyes before surrendering
To this endless diatribe

You are not my mother
You are no one’s mother
What I believe is not often
What I cop to and still
I’m praying for something

One poem possibly leads to the next
Haven’t we already played this out
One poem like a watchtower admits failure
Haven’t we seen better nights and days
One failed relationship will hardly end your life

Or so it would seem

Charles June 2, 2007

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