Friday, August 26, 2011

Glass & Stone

Cannot rebuild this palace
This palace refuses to be rebuilt
Neither the glass nor the stones will comply
Her eyes are two mirrors in an unlit changing room.

I am shivering
Just finished watching The Misfits
I’m in love with a size twelve Marilyn Monroe
We’re all wild stallions awaiting Clark Gable or Montgomery Clift to bring us to our senses.

Something tells me this isn’t my first go around
The last bird that whispered in my ear was a wounded eagle
Forget everything you plan to do and just focus on what can be accomplished when both hands are tied behind your back.

This is the most stubborn process I have ever encountered
I remember working on a building with one of the two Elvises and how beautiful he looked when we rode on a bicycle built for two through a blinding dust storm
Her fun is being held for ransom behind her 12 Angry Men eyes.

I am burning up
I’m listening to Art Tatum
I’m thinking about eating another pastrami and chopped liver sandwich even though I know it will make me feel sick
Each and every one of us is a character in a Philip K. Dick short story and if you don’t believe me there’s your proof.

Glass and stone
Stone and glass
Revisiting your past ultimately will outpace you
We sat together on his front steps as he told me that it was alright, and that he had played the game and was now paying the price.

Charles Cicirella
August 20, 2011

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