Thursday, April 24, 2014


(For Siri)

I am wide open.
Ready to learn.
Ready to discover new things.

Trust yourself.
Turn intuition inward.
Turn away from closed hearts and minds.

You are a blossoming flower.
The Garden of Eden has nothing on you.
The Serpent just another distraction hell-bent on a revisionist history.

I’m ready to burn forward.
My consciousness a rocket ship bursting through the atmosphere.
My subconscious knocked out and loaded in the naked night.

Sometimes I am brimming with self-confidence.
Other times I find it near impossible to hold my head up high.
Either way I am still going to make it through because that is what survivors do no matter the muck we oftentimes find ourselves crawling through.

You are a treasure trove of otherworldly delights.
A breath of the freshest and purest oxygen known to woman and man alike.
And the Serpent is just another pesky intruder whose time is nearly extinguished as a slow, slow train comes up around the bend.

Charles Cicirella

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