Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Break open your heart.
Leave the remnants on the bar.
Leave what remains stapled to the ceiling.

These words don’t come easy.
Most of the time these words don’t come at all.
And when they do I’m left with nothing to say.

The rain is cold on my face.
And I know I should go inside and get a coat.
But I swear the only absolution I’ve ever experienced is when drenched from head to toe, windows rolled down, radio turned up to eleven.

You think it’s easy.
You think extracting blood from stone is an everyday miracle.
You think God’s really in the details.

I’m here to tell you hustling does no one no good.
And who you know only brings you closer to the devil.
I’m here to tell you the beast within is our only salvation.

Break open your skull.
Leave the pieces in the glove compartment of the Crown Vic idling out back.
Leave what remains stapled to the fucking sky.

Charles Cicirella

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