Saturday, August 09, 2014


Trust the words will come.
Sometimes like a crossword puzzle.
Other times like a threat or left handed compliment.

Do you really eat apples like they’re going out of style?
Do you know when you try and hide you stick out like a sore thumb?
Do you still yearn to burn some of your fans alive?

Trust the desire has not dried up.
Sometimes like a wishing well in need of coins or proper repair.
Other times like a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Do you believe in magic and the synchronicity oftentimes conquering it?
Do you live in a roomful of mirrors and understand why Jimi just had to go?
Do you still think about John being shot and how some things are not predetermined?

Trust the silence will ferry you across the water.
Trust the noise will bring you closer to God and farther away from another changing of the guards.
Trust that this circus you’ve encased yourself inside will shelter you from the storm as long as you’re willing to walk the line.

Enigmas are a dime a dozen in this world we are passing through.
Enigmas have their very own covenant once they’ve made their prayers known and let up on the gas.
Enigmas are a story unto themselves never playing catch up or make believe in this world that can’t stand long once the flames have been snuffed out.

Charles Cicirella

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