Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I drove a friend of mine away today.


I drove a friend of mine away today.
This isn’t the first time and sadly it will probably not be the last.
Sometimes I will not let go of things and I pick apart every word written and every gesture made.
I refuse to give an inch and systematically push, shove and kick the person until the only thing they can do is flee.

I am not proud of this behavior.
I know I must find some way to free myself from this den of vipers that feeds on my insecurities and strikes the second I let my guard down.
I have only myself to blame and will not make excuses for these deplorable traits.
Oddly this has become more of a confession than a poem.

I drove a friend of mine away today.
I hope I have not done too much damage because her fire glow is something I will miss like I miss riding my bicycle to the library as a kid.
I had just gotten back from Columbus and I remember getting onto FB and there she was.

Charles Cicirella

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