Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mind over Matter. Matter over Mind.

Everything is so confusing.
Nothing in place.
You want to change your surroundings?
Different place, same set of shit and consequences.

Perhaps being a nomad would make more sense.
Never staying in one place for too long.
The perpetual rock and roller whose Bedouin ways keep them on the not so straight and narrow.
Why not?
As long as the tickets keep selling why not stay on the road; no direction home, a complete unknown.

We think we don’t make a difference.
We believe miracles can no longer exist in such well-worn and frayed times.
Understand that the mystery is what keeps the wheels greased and the ghosts in the machine satiated and willing to stay out of sight and time out of mind.
When the shit hits the fan’s shiny blades that’s always the best time to hunker down because being one of the chosen means you never quit no matter how hot the desert is or how idiotic the status quo becomes.
It’s all mind over matter or matter over mind depending on how you choose to look at things and if you’re willing to go that extra mile no matter the conditions attempting to erase you.

Charles Cicirella

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