Monday, February 01, 2016


No one’s paying attention.
Perhaps I was late to the game, but I am finally starting to understand if you don’t give a crap then no one else is going to care about you either.
Maybe if you’re lucky an advocate will come forward when you’re lying on a pallet on the floor dying from nausea or starvation or a simple lack of empathy, but more than likely you will die alone without even a birthday cake to call your very own.

People say ask for help if you’re hurting when actually no one really wants to listen to you crying in the wilderness. Even John the Baptist had to wait around for Jesus and look how that turned out.
Welcome to America where we baptize you in the blood of children while lip service and prayer service are doing nothing for anyone including those poisoned in Flint, Michigan.
I’m starting to believe it has nothing whatsoever to do with the bottom line as the haves do everything they possibly can with their co-opted power to completely wipe out the have nots.

If you don’t believe me just look at all of the ways our homeland has devised to murder blacks and push back on anyone who isn’t white and of means and are a reminder that the American dream was intended for everyone and not just those with guns and a fat bank account and the inability to possess any honest to God compassion.
I’m wrecked on White Castle Cheeseburgers and my own powerlessness to pull myself out of this self-appointed nose dive, but that’s okay because I swear to God I’ve never been less of a liability no matter what you may choose to believe.

We need to push past the barriers and believe again in civil disobedience for and not against the people.
We need to stop electing leaders who pander and capitulate to the lowest common denominator while not giving even a second thought to those who are actually in need of some heavenly aid.
We need to get it through our thick skulls once and for all that bullies don’t make good leaders and also keep in mind that just because someone is a politician that doesn’t automatically mean they’re on the wrong side of the issues.

I got the biggest stick I could find and poked around the wreckage looking for some ideals I could actually do something with.
I became enamored with those who believed anything was and is still possible because without hope fear is just another growling dog with no real purpose.
I understand these may in fact be the end times and yet I refuse to give up because surrender has never been in my DNA. Please keep in mind it’s always darkest before the dawn and that a slow train is coming up around the bend.

Charles Cicirella

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