Thursday, March 24, 2016

I see things clearly or I don’t see them at all

we talk on the phone
for hours
sometimes she cries
we both flush the toilet
from time to time

and we have a strong
even though I think
she likes to pretend
it does not exist

I have always felt
protective toward her
even when my tantrums
ruled the roost
and my black eyes
spoke louder than words

wanted to trade punches
with the champ
until realizing the king
of the hill is oftentimes
just a bloviated tycoon

and I am out of cash
and ebt only gets you
so far
let’s stay away from
and try remembering
the good times

we talk on the phone
when she answers
in a hesitant fashion
it never fails to make me
question why I called
in the first place

Charles Cicirella

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