Thursday, December 29, 2016

Emperor Penguin

Arctic rabbis
Shuffling along
At the pace of a slow God

I see you
I love you
I forsake you

Stigmata an unforgiving disorder
Something no doctor or priest can truly absolve
A man of cloth wearing an emperor’s new clothes

Forget about it
Like an Italian gangster
Or rapper looking for an indistinguishable advance

You pay your dues
Or you simply don’t
At the pace of a slow human

You release me
You spark me like Chinese fireworks
You muse me like Monet’s Water Lilies

Greed an unfortunate outcome of too much success
The bottom line a worker’s most pervasive of nightmares
Fast food and factory workers turning into robots right before our inhuman eyes

Emperor penguins marching toward a frozen infinity
They don’t have to fly to reach the Heavens
Let’s make a pact to never turn our backs on one another when the going gets tough and the cowards head for the fire exists

Charles Cicirella

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