Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seventh Poem (Check Your Ego at The Door)

(For Ralph La Charity)

Checked his ego at the door
Then he got up on that stage
And wailed like a saxophone

Knew him in the nineties
When we were both ancient and naked as the day we were born
Met again on FB as we dodge bullets and pray we end up as more than just collateral damage

I believe we both found safe haven in the words because you can never count on a sanctuary city with the clowns who are now running the asylum
They screamed at us until they were red, white and blue in the face “You can’t handle the truth” and we just laughed because we knew the truth was laughing at them
Emptying the dishwasher, mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage are chores I’ve never enjoyed doing, but I’ll write a poem for you any day of the week and thrice on Sundays

Check your exalted and storm chasing attitude at the Pearly Gates and never forget how St. Peter looked out for you when you went through the wrong doggy door and ended up in Hell
Academic poetry and sludge have more in common than any ivory-tower-tenured- professor will ever know and it’s not actually even poetry if you take into account all of the blood you’ll never be able to wash from your pugilist fists
We must push each other just a little further down the road past the celebrity-ass-monkeys who believe in reality TV Presidencies because their hedge-fund-guru told them investing in apathy is a surefire way to become uber-wealthy and uber-ripped

I do not believe in the religion of AR-15 rifles, but I am totally in agreement with the guy who recently killed three teenagers when they broke into his home wielding knives and brass knuckles
The getaway driver fled and still she might be facing murder charges because that’s just how Oklahoma rolls
Ralph and I need to go on our own rampage and show the duplicitous masses just how lethal words are when they’re shot from a mouth armed with nothing but the First Amendment and a belief in oneself to always make a lasting impression.

Charles Cicirella

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