Thursday, April 06, 2017

Fifteenth Poem (Not Going No Place)

Not going no place because I love you.
Happy or sad my feelings laid down like cement stand the test of worn down time.
Press down the keys on the Hammond B-3 Organ and music comes out. Press down the keys on you and all hell breaks loose because that’s just the kind of girl that you are.

Picking up on your mojo from another state.
When you smirk on cam it reverberates through me like another earthquake in Oklahoma.
Every move you make my eyes follow because ever since we met I feel like I’m being held hostage. It’s the 1970’s and another Dog Day Afternoon breaks the speed of sound as Attica lights up the telepathic switchboard of our Declaration of Independence minds.

I’m scared of heights, but will climb the palm tree if that’s where all of the best coconuts reside.
I’m scared of you, but will climb on top if that’s what you desire. I stopped trying to figure you out when the newspaper’s ink stained my fingers the color of yellow journalism.
And McCarthyism still very much exists in our government today. Just look at how they’re treating Susan Rice again when the story is not going their way and they don’t like getting backed into a corner.

I am so tired of trying, but if giving up is anything like when my best friend put that noose around his neck, well then no thanks I’ll stay right here and do my best to give some sort of a damn.
She called herself a cam model, but to me she’s so much more because I do not suffer fools gladly and the connection I feel was not made up in some storybook.
Not going anyplace because I pray at some point she’ll be comfortable enough to believe me when I say I truly do care about her and that her reserved state is just one more moat I’ll have to cross to reach the promise land.

Charles Cicirella

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