Sunday, January 28, 2018

Blue Flowers

She writes like the wind.
A pirate plundering blue marigolds.
A mission statement turned on its patchwork head.

The generic pills will not be the death of you.
You’ve never allowed anything to slow you down for too long.
A masterful witch who enriches everyone she comes into contact with.

Poem’s coming out crinkled like an angry doily or a balloon animal retaining water.
1776 is America’s official beginning of its nationhood. It’s also the year you stopped making sense and I had to finally buy a gun and face up to the insensible facts.
Paralysis has been kicking my ass since 2002, but it beats being put out to pasture or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I dated an assassin who trained me in the art of excommunication.
Juliet knew how to take a drag on a Camel cigarette like no one I’ve encountered before or since.
Was going stark raving mad until I slowed my roll and realized everything really is better "when it's sittin' on a Ritz."

She writes like a steppe wolf hunting a Caspian seal.
Been on fire since a blue tipped match ignited her passion and blew up her world.
I am a mynah bird mimicking the human voice. My dark-brown plumage keeps me ever mindful that I can always take flight.

Charles Cicirella

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