Friday, June 22, 2018

Transformative (For Katie Boyd)

Dopey always my favorite of the Seven Dwarves,
But lately I’ve been thinking more and more about Doc
And how he took care of everyone without lifting a hammer

Katie broke all of the rules when she appeared on the scene with her dimples and diplomatic swing
Pushing back on time is a fool’s errand, but I signed up to be a fool and that will be my task until all of the diamonds turn back into coal
Leo my favorite actor until he and Kate got swept away by the Titanic

Are you a trailblazer or trail mix?
I’ll never forget when my dad would make me a tin roof sundae
Spanish peanuts are just something you must experience once in this life

Katie always knows how to bring you back into the fold
She does it with the gentleness of a fawn and the ferocity of the most devoted Bob Dylan fan
She won’t point out your missteps, but will make damn sure you know when you’ve overstepped

I sometimes catch myself whistling while I work. Other times I look up only to discover I’ve wandered into another graveyard or Starbucks
“Love Sick” in the naked night I’m quite certain the window shades are mocking me and the mock turtles will have something to say about it
You cradled me in your heart from the very first time we met on FB and the impression you make only deepens and becomes more transformative in scope

Charles Cicirella

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