Thursday, August 08, 2019


His words are the gunpowder that wakes and bakes me up and Adam
The media is trying to convince us this is now our world and we best get used to it
I refuse to accept this as true because at some point we’ll have to do some sensible gun legislation otherwise people will just stop going outside to the soft target that is America

I’m not medicated yet, but when I woke up today to see it was 4:20 I did reach for my pipe and wished I had a crushed red velvet smoking jacket like Hef
Some stuff is just outrageously stupid like the fact assault rifles are still being sold because people shooting at stationary targets is a God damn given right and everyone who has so far died at the hands or mouth of the almighty dollar are all just collateral damage
Politicians can go fuck themselves and that goes thrice for the neo-liberals who sold us down the river and made the slogan ‘Made in America’ a complete and utter misnomer

Stand tall or don’t stand at all that’s what I say and I only stand 5' 2" tall, but have always believed like Buford Pusser that if you’re not walking tall than you aren’t walking at all
Let’s brace for impact and while we’re at it let’s stop pretending all of this carnage is any real surprise as we take our thumbs off the scale that is America the Beautiful and her bloodied past
His words shoot me out of a cannon that is spoken word at its most defiant and death defying because words can get us all the way to the summit if we only believe in ourselves and put down our guns.

Charles Cicirella

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