Saturday, November 14, 2020

Wisdom Ancient (For bmo)

it’s late
the night has no conscience

we resolved what’s insufficient
replaced with tone indicators
commonplace is as commonplace does

her programming lackadaisical
still no one I’d rather watch cartoons with more

it’s early
the morning refuses to surrender to the day

we pigeonhole until there are no feathers left
trade our secrets in for shiny garbage that guarantees us nothing but unhappiness
stay the course until the course turns on us and misdirects us into a fiery furnace of binging and purging endlessly

she said about Ponyo, “it’s really soft”
then I watched it and got what she meant
and it made me appreciate her even more

some people just get it while others
stand on the sidelines barking inept orders to an inane bunch of no bodies
you may feel like you’re stuck and time is moving all around you, just keep in mind you control time as much as it controls you

Charles Cicirella

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