Saturday, March 17, 2007

Intermediate Satisfaction

The first line is a life sentence – a pleasure dome – the rebel without a cause – Ochs wanted to be James Dean – who didn’t want to be James Dean in the fifties when everything was cooler and not taken for granted – in the beginning Genesis seemed like a good idea on paper anyway then God got smart so He sent His only Son down to Earth to sort through the mess and look how that turned out – Crucifixion is not noble matter a fact it sucks – why has thou forsaken me? truer words have not been spoken then tossed away like loose change or early morning mass – Jesus did not die in vain at least that’s the word on the street – I’m not joking trust me I’m not packing like Milton Berle – why do you think Marilyn Monroe was smiling? She’d had a piece of Uncle Milty before he got old & easily replaced by something younger & nastier – Marilyn also had had a piece of JFK & Robert Kennedy before they were snuffed out like a brush fire or unwelcomed advance – Phil Ochs walked out onto that Carnegie Hall Stage outfitted in gold lame delivering the message that Elvis like King still mattered no matter what idiotic people may choose or not choose to believe – belief is a funny thing it can change like the seasons or be resolute in its unfailing ability to shake things up like a belly dancer or belligerent drunk – the first line gets you to the next and the next after that just like one little white lie ties up every loose end by falsifying supposed truth over & over again.

Charles Cicirella
March 17, 2007

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