Saturday, March 10, 2007


Is this all there is – no I wont believe it – can not accept it – the code we are fighting for ancient – the sacrifice being made crucial – we were blind now we can see – our hands are eyes – a third fourth fifth eye sitting atop a human pyramid – we are not vanquished no matter the pettiness all around us – our voices a ladder to Heaven – to the waters above and beyond Heaven – I’m tired of the mumbling – the bullshit hanging down around everyone of us like a martyr on a cross – a thief or a Savior what’s the bloody difference when ends refuse to meet and false starts are all that seem to exist – I’m tired of walking on eggshells – tired of accepting the label of bum – scumbag – hobo – should I jump on the next train that comes along and ride – is oblivion hell or purgatory or is limbo in fact a paradise that for whatever reason suffers from bad press – I’m tired and I know you’re tired too – tired of happenstance – circumstance and taking a stand when too many people have their heads in the sand – sheep led to a senseless slaughter – ostriches sent to yet another oily war – our soldiers brave and yet they are being led astray – sent to fight by silver-spoon-aristocrats who could give a damn if they die or are maimed – we must stand up against our oppressors – realize that Paine’s Common Sense and Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience still very much exist today and are perhaps even more crucial than they were yesterday – paint - blood and the visionary fortitude to see beyond a landscape writhing in the flames of a patriotic state that no longer stands for anything but more tired coercive rhetoric – land of the free - bull feathers – pursuit of happiness – there is no such thing when it’s our own government terrorizing the state – I’m hungry for liberty – hungry for a comeuppance that must arrive before any of this is set straight – we all possess a Warrior Spirit – we all possess an internal clock that tells us what time it truly is – we must nourish ourselves – learn to nurture ourselves before it’s too late..
Charles Cicirella March 10, 2007

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